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One of the most daring compositions by Moira Sperolini, characterized by a unique shape and with a hollow center, the work Repair bypasses the constraints of the table, recalling at times an organic floral shape or a star cluster, in order to describe a significant loss, perhaps insurmountable. .

The most important focal part is physically absent and unbalances the observer's expectations (a theme similar to the one already addressed in Fugue).

Starting from the embellished frame up to the internal layers, all the elements - from those in the background to the most prominent ones - converge in the central portion.

Faced with a sense of deprivation, the individual tries to make up for it by rebuilding the lost order as possible. perhaps it is precisely the inner whirlwind produced by this restorative bustle that stands out above all, demonstrating the interest in a missing part of one's interiority, which is felt to be indispensable.

Feeling the need to fill an absence is the first step you have to go through to fill your void.

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