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The mottled chromatic effect of the central figure, devoid of equal relationships with the surrounding subjects, underlines the sense of detachment aroused by "Separation":

it is like an individual who remains isolated, placed on what appears to be an island surrounded by two silty streams, while the surrounding elements flow down towards the two opposite corners.

Looking at this work, one can find a contrast between the will to move away and the desire to get closer; however, it is also the best condition to investigate oneself and expand one's interiority.

In representing this concept, the work almost seems to extend from the center outside of itself, in an oblong shape that mimics three-dimensional space.

The same theme will then be taken up again, in an equal and opposite way, in the works Legame and Contatto, in turn supplanting the classic style of the square table in favor of triangular representative solutions, more extreme and constricting.

Loneliness can bring suffering with it, but to achieve positive coexistence with others it is essential to find yourself first.

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