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meteor 40 X 120

A slender diamond skeleton, in the center of the table, contains multiple crystals that recall its material side.

The structure impacts with the surrounding environment and cracks it into multiple layers, leaving behind a compact and incandescent trail.

Pearly filings crumble from the central body and are lost around it. The slow but inexorable movement of the core and its tail form the prelude to a furious impact.

Part of the diptych that connects it to the work Ascesa, the table explores the theme of the relationship of the individual's drives with the outside world.

Like an ember surrounded by a thick luteum mantle of earthy and glacial flames, the interiority of the person gains strength and feeds on contrasting impulses; channels its energy into forms that are gradually more defined and decisive; tries to converge towards a specific state of mind to affirm its nature in the environment that surrounds it.

By fueling his own emotions, the individual gives impetus and increases his full potential in the world around him.

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