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SKU: 364215375135191

Solid and light at the same time, this work is shaped like a rocky block not yet formed: a set of bodies entwined together in a slow underground bubbling, crossed by a thick and clear vapor.

The table holds together compact and friable clusters, embellished with constellation-like granules; two decentralized focal points cross the section longitudinally.

States of mind and ideas accumulate and associate in this monumental process of formation: writhing and entangling in an endless, inexhaustible stirring, all heaviness is lost, turning into fluid, soft appearances and vice versa.

Life is a state of suspended agitation: a shapeless raw material that simmers as it seeks and chooses a way through which to direct itself and give itself a precise order, in a continuous alternation of always new perspectives and decisions.

As the interiority takes shape, the individual also takes shape.

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