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Moira Sperolini wants to tell the feeling of fury through this work.

The main feature of this work is the dynamic momentum reproduced transversely along the entire table. Starting from the right corner at the base, two main lines extend in opposite directions in a wide and uniform curve.

Two voluminous external bodies particularly accentuate this effect, competing for the central space. The first is represented entirely at the left base of the painting, almost entirely empty but for this very reason evident; the second, despite being taken only half, is marked and voluminous:

the semitransparent stones that make up the center suggest the idea of a massive, intrusive presence. Primary and secondary bodies both stand out clearly against each other, contrasting light and intense shades on one side with dark cavities on the other.

Volatile lines produce a kind of liberating scream, a dense and volcanic wave that juts out from the center.

The individual tries to express himself by making space in a world that tries to overwhelm him: the fury is released, in an explosion that shakes his interiority with all the strength at his disposal.

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