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Outside the Vortex

In this work Moira Sperolini gives us a simple but effective representation of Buddhist thought.

Two artistic elements - macroscopic and opposed - are identified within it: the background It is the main subject.  


The multiform background, which envelops the work expanding from its center, is bewitching, disordered, inconstant. The scenario thus exposed represents the world that surrounds us and the many facets that compose it: bewitching but at the same time decomposed AND changeable.

The artist wanted to work with opulent materials, pearls and brilliant gems that are set in a concentric wave of warm and cold colors, of golden, celestial and marine tones. It almost consists of a nebula in the outer layers, which turns inside into a sort of burning flame.

The figure in meditation, sitting on a lotus flower, represents the access to one's own interiority;  It is the way to reach equilibrium with the surrounding world, changing and swirling.


The rigorous, proportionate geometry of the meditator - which stands out clearly from the elements in the background with a solid, uniform and compact three-dimensionality - conveys this idea well: nothing can disturb him, because he has achieved inner peace. The meditator It is as if it blossoms within the whole.

The beauty of the world It is enchanting but ephemeral. The only stable soils can only be cultivated within ourselves.

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